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Analytics / Machine Learning Engineer

Remote in US
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Analytics / Machine Learning Engineer

Upwave is the Brand Intelligence Platform. We make brand marketing more impactful.

Upwave plans, measures, and optimizes brand marketing. We provide a software & data platform to the world’s largest brand marketers.
Our customers are Fortune 500 companies across multiple verticals - including CPG, food & beverage, consumer technology & telecom, and financial services - as well as the world’s largest advertising agencies and media platforms.

We are unapologetically supportive of brand advertising, and work hard every day to prove its value; we know if companies can measure the value of those dollars, they’ll spend more. Brand advertising pays for not only the movies we watch and music we hear, but the journalism we read and the information we access. In short, brand advertising supports the free flow of information through society. So, we’re proud to be the first company dedicated to using data science to show enterprises the true effectiveness of their brand spend.

We are backed by leading venture investors (Y Combinator, Uncork Capital, Bloomberg Beta, Initialized Capital, PivotNorth, Ridge Ventures, Industry Ventures, Conductive Ventures,) and leading MarTech founders & CEOs.

We’re a humble but ambitious team that takes its work seriously but never ourselves. Come join us.

Upwave has already built the industry’s leading toolkit for gathering, analyzing, and exploring data on consumer brand perception. Our tools are used daily by managers and marketers at many of the world’s best known brands (like Nestlé and American Express) and Upwave is now ready to step on the gas and scale up until we become the de facto industry standard. That means constantly working to deeply understand our users' needs and to scale our existing platform while still constantly building new, powerful, low-friction, self-serve analytical tools that directly help marketers allocate hundreds of millions of dollars of marketing budget.

What you will do:

  • Work on our core Python-based statistical data pipeline.
  • This pipeline is the primary statistical and analytical workhorse that allows us to deliver best-in-industry measurement and optimization capabilities to our customers.
  • The pipeline is built on the PyData stack (pandas, scikit-learn, statsmodels, etc) and encodes cutting-edge causal inference and reinforcement learning algorithms (many of which were invented in-house in collaboration with our data science team).
  • The pipeline is also built to scale, running on “AWS Batch”, an elastic container management environment that allows us to train thousands of models each night across thousands of machines.

  • Work closely with Product and with full-stack web developers on a cross-functional development squad.
  • Upwave builds data-intensive products, and that means we include our engineers in product strategy and decision making.
  • You’ll be expected to understand the business value of what you’re building and to work closely with other engineers to make sure the pipeline is delivering the right datasets at the right time.
  • Work closely with Data Science to develop and implement novel analytical and statistical algorithms. We’re constantly looking for new accurate and scalable ways to deliver new and useful insights to our clients.
  • Sometimes that’ll mean finding ways to squeeze more signal from sparse datasets, sometimes it’ll mean finding new ways to optimize customer’s multimillion dollar marketing campaigns for better return-on-investment, and sometimes it’ll mean discovering and exploring entirely new ideas.
  • You’ll be a key participant and (hopefully) a driving force in all those conversations.

About you:

  • You like Python and you’re good at it.
  • Your core responsibility will be developing scalable statistical software in Python.
  • You have material experience with the PyData stack. Our pipeline is purpose-built from scratch using pandas, statsmodels, scikit-learn, and other libraries from the PyData ecosystem. There’s always more to learn so you don’t need to be an expert in each of these tools, but you should be comfortable reading and writing a lot of pandas.
  • You like solving real-world business problems.
  • Our clients use our data to make their businesses more effective, and you’ll use your skills to turn theoretical ideas into concrete tools and improvements that will help Upwave satisfy our clients. You should enjoy collaborating with Product on specs and designs that solve real needs and will delight end users.
  • You value and practice rigorous engineering and analytical methodology.
  • You understand that the numbers we provide to clients guide hundreds of millions of dollars worth of marketing investment, so we need to stand behind their accuracy.
  • You believe that well-structured code, comprehensive testing, and solid engineering methodology are a must.
  • You’re comfortable with analytics, statistics, and quantitative thinking.
  • You don’t need to be a statistical or machine learning expert (we’ve got several of those on our data science team!) but you need to be interested in and able to learn and understand the statistical methods you’ll be implementing.
  • You should be comfortable with the basics of probability, statistics, and regression and eager to learn more.
  • You’re curious and humble.
  • You care about understanding the world around you and want to learn more about why it works the way it does.
  • You don’t trust a system until you can predict its behavior, and you put in the work to build your big picture understanding on top of a mastery of the details.
  • You never stop learning and working to improve your craft.
  • You understand that you’ll be responsible for making sure we end up with great systems by making sure the best ideas win, even if those ideas aren’t originally yours.
  • You believe that well-oiled, high-trust teams are more effective than the sum of their parts.
  • You know that participating effectively in a team takes deliberate effort and compassionate, effective, and non-violent communication. Upwave works hard to foster a welcoming, inclusive climate where people feel safe and supported and actually want to work with each other.
  • You’re comfortable being evaluated for what you add to the team, not just what you add to the codebase.
  • We don’t have a formal requirement around years of experience.
  • The typical candidate who’s reached the necessary level for this role has more than 3 years of professional experience, but we care more about what you’ve accomplished than about how many years you’ve spent doing it.

Bonus points:

  • Experience working on high-scale data pipelines.
  • Experience working on building analytical and/or statistical tooling to support SaaS products.
  • Experience working on containerized cloud-native applications (particularly using Docker on AWS).
  • Experience at a startup or fast-growing company.
  • Experience with marketing technology, advertising technology, or market research companies.


Why You’ll Like Working Here:

  • Upwave is an engineering-first company. We believe high velocity comes from high efficiency, not high effort. And we believe that the development we do must be sustainable for the entire team.
  • We set priorities rather than deadlines, we don’t crunch, we work reasonable hours, and engineers and managers actually take vacations.
    Upwavers treat each other well.
  • We screen for people who are unusually caring, and who want to collaborate and know how to do it effectively and compassionately.
  • Upwave is actually disrupting (in the Clayton Christensen sense) a major industry by offering functionality that our users can’t find anywhere else, at a technology-enabled price point that our services-oriented competitors structurally can’t match. The media industry is going through major tectonic shifts, and at Upwave you’ll both observe and influence the media industry’s reinvention.
  • You’ll work with teams using modern technologies (e.g. PyData, React, Kotlin, Kubernetes, AWS) to solve cutting edge problems. Upwave is not just another software-as-a-service tool; we’re an intuitive user-interface on top of a deep and complex business workflow that requires:
    collecting hundreds of billions of advertising events, using them intelligently to collect consumer sentiment data, applying recently published (and in some cases, internally invented) causal inference and machine learning techniques to derive statistically valid conclusions,
    presenting those conclusions to end users in a way that empowers them to make genuinely better business decisions.
  • We’re “post product market fit”, meaning that we’re far enough along in our journey to know that we’re building something real users find valuable enough to pay (handsomely) for. But we’re playing in a huge market, and we’re early enough along that each individual engineer can still have a pivotal impact on our product and on the overall trajectory and success of our business.
  • We’re a remote-first team, with members spanning half the globe (but only one half, to ensure everyone can talk live when we need to). You’ll work with extremely talented engineers and data scientists from different states, countries, and cultures, and you’ll get to learn about their diverse backgrounds and fascinating day-to-day experiences and life stories.
  • We offer highly competitive compensation, benefits, and employee equity.


Upwave is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.